Southern Umpires Association

The Southern Umpires Association (SUA) has a rich history spanning 60 years of involvement in local football.

Well known for producing incredible umpiring talent, the association is one of the largest in the country. The SUA has a strong track record in producing umpires that start in juniors and flow through to VFL and AFL umpiring panels.

In 2020 the SUA entered into an agreement with AFL South East for the commission to manage the strategy, coaching, match appointments, umpire payments and development of umpiring in the region.

The SUA has the hard-earned and well-deserved privledge of owning its own building for training, coaching and social activities which provides a relaxed and inclusive setting for all umpires and their families.

The SUA is also dedicated to updating its facilities to improve the standard of coaching available to all umpires. The SUA also has a great reputation for hosting wonderful social events.