Keeping hydrated, especially during training and playing in the hotter months, is an important part of supporting your health and wellbeing. Drinking plenty of tap water is the best way to keep hydrated and it has the added benefit of being free, containing no sugar and easy to access.

Did you know there are about 16 teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml bottle of regular soft drink and about 9 packs of sugar in a 600ml bottle of sports drink?  You wouldn’t eat 16 teaspoons of sugar in one hit, so why would you drink them all in one go?

If you drink one x 600ml regular soft drink every day for a year you will drink 23 KILOS of sugar

Drinking sugar-sweetened drinks, which include soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks and sports drinks, adds extra kilojoules to your diet with no nutritional benefit, and can result in tooth decay.

If you don’t burn them off, those extra kilojoules can result in weight gain and obesity which are known risk factors for serious health issues including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

So instead of grabbing a sugary drink, why not try water instead?

Here are two quick facts about drinking water:

  1.        Water helps to keep your body temperature normal while also lubricating your joints and protecting your spinal cord.

Victorian tap water is one of the cleanest and safest water sources in the world. Make the most of this amazing resource by refilling a reusable water bottle.

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