Did you know your brain hasn’t completely finished developing until you are 25?

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As a teenager or young adult, your brain is shaping itself so it needs you to give it a positive and alcohol-free environment to thrive.  Drinking alcohol as a teenager and young adult disrupts brain development during a critical time of growth.  Even after the age of 18, it is best to reduce alcohol intake until the brain has finished developing.  The longer you delay drinking alcohol, the best chance you have of reaching your full potential as an adult.


Without realising it, drugs can become central to a person’s life and can affect your personal relationships, ability to study and work, mental health and quality of life.

Saying ‘no’ and not drinking alcohol or taking drugs, when most people around you are can be very hard.  But sometimes the easiest way to get out of that situation is to tell the truth, to simply say ‘no’. When you make excuses, it can often create an opportunity for people to try and convince you by adding extra pressure.  Simply saying ‘I don’t want to’ is a pretty hard statement to debate.

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