FDJFL Match-Day Paperwork

FDJFL Team Manager’s Instructions and Match-Day Paperwork

Online Match-Day Paperwork Submission

  • Match Day Duties

The Team Manager has responsibility for ensuring that the Team is complying with the League Rules & Regulations, where applicable.

All team “Match” information is to be recorded on Sporting Pulse “Competitions” database.

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager of each team to ensure that this data is entered/created/updated to reflect the true situation for the team, for each match.

The current “Team Manager” section of the League Handbook is available for download below.

TEAM MANAGER Instructions


  • Report on Umpire

Teams are encouraged to provide feedback on Umpires for each game.

This will enable the umpiring group to assert positive issues and address deficiencies, at both individual and group levels.

Constructive feedback is an essential element as we strive to maintain an effective Umpiring pool.

While it is preferable to have this feedback on the Day of the Game, we would ask that teams do make the effort to provide this information through the week that follows individual games.

We also request that this be provided by Coach &/or Team Manager only. (Additional issues that may arise should be directed to the League via the Club Secretary – thanks for your understanding here.)

The documents below provide a means of providing this feedback.

Umpire Feedback Form – Under 11s through to Under 16 Youth Girls

Umpire Feedback Form – Top-Age Competition – Under 17 Boys & Under 18 Girls


  • Match Day Checklist

The JLT Match Day Checklist App is to be completed by the two Team Managers prior to each match.


  • Finals Requirements

Team Sheet

A team sheet is to be produced, in the usual manner, via the Sporting Pulse system.

Please create your team-sheet as normal, including players and officials for the match.

Additions and alterations should be marked on the team-sheet as usual.


Team Sheet Requirements

No player may take the field if not entered to the Team Sheet.


Sporting Pulse System – Update

Team Managers shall be responsible for entering match results and are responsible for entering goal kickers and best players (if required) and making any adjustments from the originally issued team sheet.  These tasks are to be completed no later than 6.00pm on the Sunday of the match.


Further Finals Information.

Please contact your Club Secretary with any queries you may have.