Become an Umpire

It’s never been easier to become an umpire, and never a better time than right now to start your umpiring journey.

Below are some great reasons to get involved in umpiring, and if you would like further information or wish to register please complete our Expression of Interest Form at the bottom of this page.

Umpiring is for everyone – Male or female…young or old!

It doesn’t matter who you are if you want to be involved in football then umpiring can be a very rewarding experience. Female umpires are a part of our group, AFL Victoria and AFL umpiring panels! There are many opportunities at all levels of football to become an umpire!

Be Part of a Team

Whether you want to be a Field Umpire, Boundary Umpire or a Goal Umpire, all umpires form one team on the field. There are AFL mentors, qualified coaches and experienced umpires to help you at every level of umpiring. You can start umpiring knowing that whatever level you want to reach, you won’t be doing it alone!

Get Paid to Get Fit

Imagine how much easier it would be to be paid to be fit and healthy. Well…with umpiring, you can! We have regular structured training sessions which, through regular participation, will increase your base fitness. Umpiring rates vary across the age groups, however imagine being paid to watch the game!! Not to mention that AFL umpires can earn more than $100,000 over a season – so why not make your start towards some handy pocket money!

Develop your Personal Skills

Umpiring can build your confidence and help you make important decisions under pressure, while also improving your interpersonal and communication skills. These are skills that are transferable to personal and professional aspects of your life. You will not get better training in all these areas than by being an umpire.

Be the Best

If you want to umpire some amazing football, then there are pathways in place to help you get to the top. By being an elite umpire, you can progress to higher levels of football, travel around the state or country and umpire in carnivals and exhibition games. Umpires who show promise in junior or senior competitions may be selected for Talent Squads or be selected for carnivals. All it takes is a little hard work and dedication.

Have Fun!!

Finally, but most importantly, umpiring can be great fun! You make lots of friends, have fantastic experiences and meet lots of new people. At the end of the day we all umpire because it is a heap of fun. After all, you get to have the best seat in the house for the greatest game of all!

If you have ever thought about umpiring then now is the time to start! No experience is necessary, and you can even play and umpire! Our experienced coaches will appoint you to games around your playing schedule. Past players or coaches are also encouraged to join the ranks!

If you would like more information or want to get involved, complete our Expression of Interest Form below, or contact Darren Holt directly.


If you are a returning Umpire and wish to register for the upcoming season please CLICK HERE. 


Darren Holt
Regional Director of Umpiring – AFL South East
Mobile:  0421 120 849