Trainers Network

The AFL South East is very excited to announce the launch of the:



Under the umbrella of AFL South East there will be two trainers groups:

  1. AFL South East Trainers “South East” Network (SEFNL and SEJ)
  2. AFL South East Trainers “Peninsula” Network (PFNL, NFNL and FDJFL)

This new initiative will give all our clubs direct access to specialist professionals in the sports medical and allied health, covering areas including Sporting Supplies, Physio, First Aid, Massage, Podiatry, Medics and General Practitioners, ERC, Sports Trainer accreditation, Sports Training and Recovery, Concussion Management and Club Management assistance. The AFL South East Trainers Network program will also provide access to: education, personal development, information, editorial content, club trainers and general information.

A Facebook group has been developed for both networks as a day to day part of their communication where videos and content can be loaded and provide a platform where you can share ideas, ask questions, make any requests and seek support.

Please follow this link to the Facebook page and join your group:

    1. AFL South East Trainers Network - South East
    2. AFL South East Trainers Network – Peninsula

On each league website there will be the AFL South East Trainers Network logo and link which will take you to a landing page where you can access:

  • The attached document with all the relevant information regarding the network
  • The club database for all contacts
  • The partner database for all specialist contacts
  • A calendar for populating trainers education nights

Whether you require the services of a trainer, a physio to attend your games or training, recovery training post game, podiatry assistance, concussion management training, game day medics, information on a particular subject or just match experiences to share please utilise your Network Facebook Group to communicate with everybody. If you want to speak to a partner about a specific issue, or need their support you can contact them directly.

For any inquiries regards issues you are facing or ideas you have for the network please contact:

Wes Garth, Commercial Manager AFL South East on 0487 278 991 or email at



  1. Please encourage all Trainers and relevant club people to join their Facebook group as soon as possible
  2. Please forward to me all direct trainers contact email and mobile number so they can be added to the Trainers Network database


AFL South East Trainers Network Document